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SkillSelect: Making Visa Processing Easier
Skilled foreigners who want to migrate to Australia can record details of their visa formalities in an online system, SkillSelect. The details include data that are needed for applying for any of the skilled visas that require an Expression of Interest (EOI).

How does SkillSelect Work
Once the details of the individual are registered in the online system or SkillSelect, the Australian employers, state or territory government, or Australian government can examine the data, and select and nominate the prospective immigrant for any of the skilled visas. The government can also invite the selected individual to lodge a visa application.

Benefits of SkillSelect
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) introduced SkillSelect to manage the skilled migration program. It helps to identify:

    The need for skilled immigration as per economic requirements in the country
    People who can apply for skilled visa
    An opportunity when the prospective immigrants can apply for skilled visa
    Numbers of applicants necessary for immigration under skilled migration program
    Skill shortages in regional areas
    Skilled immigrants who are willing to move to the regional spots in the country to pursue their work

Through SkillSelect, the employers in regional Australia and administration will be able to attract those immigrants who can settle in regional spots in the country.